Old World Concrete: stained concrete, metallic epoxy floors, concrete wood floors, flake floors, concrete countertops, textured overlays, and pool decks

Old World Concrete, Owned and operated by Anthony Stymest, is unique company specializing in decorative concrete. We take ordinary concrete and transform it into an extra ordinary work of art.

Stained concrete imparts a luxurious richness that cannot be achieved by any other types of flooring. Concrete Stains penetrate and react with the concrete to produce translucent tones that vary depending on the surface their applied to and the application techniques used. the results can mimic marble, granite, natural stone, tanned leather, or even stained wood.

Stain for concrete come in two general categories: Acid-based stains and water based stains. acid stain works by penetrating the surface and chemically reacting with hydrated lime in the concrete. once the stain reacts it becomes a permanent part of the concrete and will not fade, chip off, or peel away. The palette for acid stain is limited to eight colors.

If you want to go beyond the palette of acid stain, consider using water based staines which come in much broader spectrum of hues we offer thirty two water based stained colors, including black, white, and even metallic tints. Water based staines work by penetrating the concrete to produce a permanent color.

Concrete staines are semi transparent and are intended to enhance rather than disguise the surface. It will not hide flaws or blemishes or cracks. Nor will they mask underlying color or conceal the texture of the surface. Not every concrete surface is a candidate for stain. major cracks, spalling, and patch work is likely to show right through the stain.

Stained concrete is an elegant and low maintenance surface. Old World Concrete also offers concrete overlays, metallic epoxies, concrete wood floor, concrete engraving, cool deck, or anything you can dream up on existing residential floors, drive ways, patios, side walks and more. Our decorative process will enhance the beauty of your concrete as well as increasing the value of your home or business.